Event Calendar

Year: 2014

1January, 2014FebruaryMarch
Mar 20 Domestic Relations Meeting
Mar 31 Legal Ethics and Grievance Committee Meeting
Mar 31 The Lorain County Veterans Treatment Court
Apr 04 Off the Record with Judge Frank Janik
Apr 10 Evidentiary Mistakes: A Judge's Perspective
Apr 17 Domestic Relations Meeting
Apr 22 Common Appellate Court Mistakes
Apr 28 Legal Ethics and Grievance Committee Meeting
May 02 General Meeting
May 02 Executive Committee Meeting
May 08 Basic Elder Law
May 14 Social Hour/Networking
May 15 New Lawyers Meeting
May 15 Domestic Relations Meeting
May 17 Domestic Relations Dinner
May 20 Juvenile Section Meeting
May 22 Criminal Law Section Meeting
Jun 02 LCBA Annual Golf Outing
Jun 04 Crimmigation: The Intersection of Criminal & Immigration Law
Jun 06 Off the Record with Judge Gary Bennett
Jun 06 Annual Meeting
Jun 10 Free Legal Advice Clinic
Jun 13 Annual Foreclosure Law Seminar
Jun 19 Domestic Relations Meeting
Jun 24 Discovery & Preservation of Social Media Evidence
Jun 27 Off the Record with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith L. French
Jul 11 General Child Support Overview
Jul 17 Domestic Relations Meeting
Jul 23 Women's Committee Meeting
Jul 24 Criminal Law Section Meeting
Jul 31 New Lawyers Meeting
Aug 15 Probate Section Meeting
Aug 21 Domestic Relations Meeting
Aug 21 Criminal Law Section Meeting
Aug 22 The Annual Professional Conduct and Law Management Seminar
Aug 26 Juvenile Section Meeting
Aug 27 Intermediate Elder Law
Aug 28 Softball Game and Picnic Dinner
Sep 10 Domestic Relations/Juvenile Law Retreat
Sep 10 Free Legal Advice Clinic
Sep 18 Domestic Relations Meeting
Sep 20 Rockin' Race-Shoot Out
Oct 03 Judges & Lawyers on Judging
Oct 11 Nothcoast Grapevine Tours
Oct 13 Columbus Day
Oct 14 Foundation Committee Meeting
Oct 15 Ohio State Bar Foundation Meet and Greet
Oct 16 Domestic Relations Meeting
Oct 16 Municipal/Government Law Section Meeting
Oct 21 Executive Committee Meeting
Oct 21 Women's Committee Meeting
Oct 23 New Lawyers Meeting
Oct 23 Criminal Law Section Meeting
Oct 27 Legal Ethics and Grievance Committee Meeting
Nov 02 Daylight Saving Time
Nov 11 Veterans Day
Nov 13 Anuual Proabte Seminar
Nov 14 Annual Welcome Reception
Nov 18 Business Law Seminar
Nov 18 Juvenile Section Meeting
Nov 20 Cyber Security for Attorneys
Nov 24 Legal Ethics and Grievance Committee Meeting
Nov 27 Thanksgiving Day
Dec 05 When Domestic Relations & Bankruptcy Collide
Dec 09 Attorneys and Electronic Evidence
Dec 12 Professional Conduct Seminar
Dec 18 Domestic Relations Christmas Gathering
Dec 24 Lorain County Court Closings
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